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These are some popular and user friendly OS integrations, providing things like system tray icons, file browser integration, etc. These are good starting points if you are a new user unfamiliar with Syncthing, or not prone to loving the command line.

There’s a wealth of further integrations of all kinds listed on the community contributions page. Each integration has their own issue tracker for integration-specific issues, but discussion and assistance for all of them is welcome on the forum.

Linux distribution packages

Syncthing is available out-of-the-box as part of many Linux distributions, though often not with the most up-to-date version. We also maintain packages and installation instructions for Debian & Ubuntu at


The Android app is available on Google Play and F-Droid.

Base Syncthing

This is the basic Syncthing distribution, providing a command line / daemon like executable and a web based user interface.

Syncthing v1.27.9

If you are unsure what to download and you’re running on a normal computer, please use the “Intel/AMD (64-bit)” build for your operating system. If you’re running on an oddball system such as a NAS, please consult your vendor.